A Denver-based venture capitalist, John McKowen has more than three decades of experience funding and leading companies in various industries. His early achievements include funding and supporting an Internet development company from the concept phase to a billion-dollar market on a national stock exchange. John McKowen also provided startup capital to an international oil and gas exploration firm that became a publicly traded on the NYSE with billion-dollar market capitalization.

More recently, Mr. McKowen served as the founding chairman and CEO of Two Rivers Water and Farming Company in Denver. Under his leadership, Two Rivers, which acquired and developed agricultural land and water rights.

John McKowen's current work focuses on the turbulent cannabis industry. The cannabis industry in its infancy substantially overcapitalized its infrastructure. As CEO of VetaNova, Inc, identifies, acquires and brings new life into the overcapitalized assets. He puts the recapitalized assets back into production with proven operators, thereby providing enhanced cash flow to other wise dormant assets.